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How Siobhan O'Toole can inspire you!




Stand in Conviction

Stand in Conviction

Ask for More - get a career breakthrough

Ask for More Career Coaching is a tailored program that focuses on helping you get a breakthrough in your career.  Providing you with repeatable tools and frameworks  


Innovation Facilitation 

Drawing upon Siobhan's delivery management record. Siobhan facilitates workshops for teams, managers and boards. 

Straight talking no consulting jargon just what you need to know and how to make it successful. 

Pragmatic advice from someone who has delivered fintech platforms, complex integrations, systems consolidations.  



    Future of Work

    I am currently researching a program on the prevalence of casual sexism in the workplace the impacts on Self Worth and diversity in the workplace. 

    The survey aims to trigger and train a faster response to casual sexism in the workplace.  

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